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To access course media through Blackboard, the following requirements must be met:

  • A collection linked to the Blackboard site must have been created on by a ShareStream admin (if it has not yet been done, you can submit a request here)
  • You must be enrolled in the Blackboard course site (as a student, instructor, etc)
  • If you are accessing the Bb course site as a student, the site must be Available to the students (sites are made Available by instructors)

    To access course media through Blackboard:
  • Go to the course for which you need to access course media.
  • Click the Tools link in the course menu.
  • Click on ShareStream. Wait for the module to load.
  • If applicable, click the sub-folder you need to access. Wait for the media to load.
  • For streaming audio or video, click the Play button.
  • For downloadable audio or video, click the Download button. The file will open in a different program, such as QuickTime, iTunes, or Windows Media Player.