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1. Open the Echo360 software and find the name of the recording you would like to edit underneath the capture setup options.


2. Click on the pen icon to the right of the name of your capture.


3. Find the two white wedges all the way at the left of the time bar.


4. Whatever is between these two wedges is selected and can be deleted by clicking on the “Make Cut” button in the bottom right. Drag the wedges individually to select a period of time on the time bar. The period of time selected will be greyed out.


5. To make a cut, click on the “Make Cut” button in the bottom right.


6. To save the edit, click on the blue “Apply Edits” button in the bottom right.


7. To undo the edit instead of saving it, click on the “Clear Cuts” button in the bottom left.


8. To edit an already published capture, go to and log in.


9. Hover over the name of the Echo until the blue links appear to its right. Click on the “edit” link.


10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Edit Media” button.





11. Drag the wedges and use the “Apply Edits” button to cut just as you would if you were editing an Echo prior to uploading. The edits you have made are recorded in the “Cuts” pane above the time bar and to the left of the video box.




12. To undo an edit, click on the “Restore” button.




13. To confirm and apply and edit, click on the “Edit” button and then on the green checkmark.





14. Now click on the “Save” tab at the top of the page.




15. The “Save Edits” button will save the changes you have made, but it will not publish the file for your students.




16. The “Process Edits” button saves the changes you have made and publishes the file to your students.








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