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1. Open the Echo360 software. You should see this window. Click on the “Start Recording” button.

2. By default, the Built-in Microphone and Screen are selected. Ensure the correct Microphone and/or other audio visual hardware is selected by reviewing the checked or unchecked hardware icons. To select a different Microphone and/or to enable a Webcam click on the “Configure” button. Otherwise proceed to step 4.

3. In the “Configure” window, use the drop down arrows to select the Microphone and/or Webcam you wish to use (click here for more information on enabling a Webcam). Click save when finished.

Note: If you chose to configure a Webcam, you must still click the "Enabled" box under the camera hardware icon, however now you should see the name of the Webcam.

4. Check to make sure that the microphone is configured by speaking and observing the green audio level bar bounce along the side of the Echo360 window.


5. You can add a title to the capture in the text box at the top left of the Echo360 window. You can also add or edit your title before you publish the recording.

6. Click on the “Start Capture” button. The Echo360 window will minimize to the dock, a five second countdown will begin, and then your recording begins.

7. You can Stop or Pause a recording by clicking on the Echo icon at the top right of the screen (next to the date & time) and then selecting the appropriate option - or - you can click on the minimized Echo360 window on the dock. Make sure the capture runs for at least fifteen seconds before stopping it.

The appropriate keyboard shortcuts (? + 8 to stop a recording; ? + 6 to pause it).

8. When you stop the recording, you will see a screen on which you can edit or publish the capture. Click here to learn how to Edit your Recording or how to Publish your Recording.






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