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Getting Started
How do I log in to Blackboard?

What do I need to access Blackboard?

Which browsers should I use to access Blackboard?

What should I do if I cannot log in to Blackboard?

Can Consortium students access Blackboard?

Can students and alumni access Blackboard and Canvas after they graduate from Georgetown?

Course Sites

Why can't I see my course site?

What do I do if I lose access to a course site?

What happened to the course menu for my course site?

When do course sites become unavailable to students?

How can I display, remove, and modify my course list?

Can students access Blackboard after they leave Georgetown?

Can students and alumni access Blackboard and Canvas after they graduate from Georgetown?

Course Materials

Why can't I open files in Blackboard?

How do I turn on Blackboard's Text Editor?

What issues should I be aware of when working with Microsoft Office 2007?

How do I access library reserves in my Blackboard course site?

Communication Tools

How do I send emails in Blackboard?

What do I do if I am not receiving emails my instructor sends me from Blackboard?

How can I view a list of students in my course site?

How do I use the Discussion Board?

How do Blogs, Journals, and Wikis work in Blackboard?

Course Media

How do I access course media through Blackboard?

How do I access course media if my course does not use Blackboard?

What are the system requirements for accessing the Media Service?

How do I download all the media in a collection at once?

Can I play all the audio in a folder with a single click?

I click the play button in the QuickTime player and nothing happens. Why not?

What is the Playlist?

How can I get more help with the Media Service?


What do students need to know about taking tests?

How do I access a copy of a test after I have taken it?


How do I access my grades in Blackboard?

Submitting Assignments

How do I submit an assignment to my instructor?


I am not (my students are not) able to submit a Safe Assignment. What can I do?
As a student, how do I turn in my paper to a Turnitin assignment?

Blackboard Organizations

I don't see my organization sites on My Blackboard page. How do I access them?

Mobile Learn

What is Mobile Learn and how can I use it?