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Student FAQs

Getting Started
How do I log in to Blackboard?

What do I need to access Blackboard?

Which browsers should I use to access Blackboard?

What should I do if I cannot log in to Blackboard?

Can Consortium students access Blackboard?

Can students and alumni access Blackboard and Canvas after they graduate from Georgetown?

Course Sites

Why can't I see my course site?

What do I do if I lose access to a course site?

What happened to the course menu for my course site?

When do course sites become unavailable to students?

How can I display, remove, and modify my course list?

Can students access Blackboard after they leave Georgetown?

Can students and alumni access Blackboard and Canvas after they graduate from Georgetown?

Course Materials

Why can't I open files in Blackboard?

How do I turn on Blackboard's Text Editor?

What issues should I be aware of when working with Microsoft Office 2007?

How do I access library reserves in my Blackboard course site?

Communication Tools

How do I send emails in Blackboard?

What do I do if I am not receiving emails my instructor sends me from Blackboard?

How can I view a list of students in my course site?

How do I use the Discussion Board?

How do Blogs, Journals, and Wikis work in Blackboard?

Blackboard Collaborate

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

What is meant by "Moderator", "Participant", "Session Attendee", and "Invitee"?
What are the minimum system requirements?
How can I verify if my computer is properly configured to access a Collaborate session?
My Collaborate session does not start. What can I do?

Is there a comprehensive documentation and training site for Blackboard Collaborate provided by Blackboard, Inc.?
How can I use Collaborate Mobile?

Course Media

How do I access course media through Blackboard?

How do I access course media if my course does not use Blackboard?

What are the system requirements for accessing the Media Service?

How do I download all the media in a collection at once?

Can I play all the audio in a folder with a single click?

I click the play button in the QuickTime player and nothing happens. Why not?

What is the Playlist?

How can I get more help with the Media Service?


What do students need to know about taking tests?

How do I access a copy of a test after I have taken it?


How do I access my grades in Blackboard?

Submitting Assignments

How do I submit an assignment to my instructor?


I am not (my students are not) able to submit a Safe Assignment. What can I do?
As a student, how do I turn in my paper to a Turnitin assignment?

Blackboard Organizations

I don't see my organization sites on My Blackboard page. How do I access them?

Mobile Learn

What is Mobile Learn and how can I use it?