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Invite Users Via Email When Scheduling a Session

In this tutorial, you will learn how to schedule a Blackboard Collaborate session AND invite users via email who are not enrolled in your course site (users enrolled in your course site can access your Collaborate session by accessing Blackboard).

1. Log in to Blackboard at using your Georgetown University NetID and NetID Password.

2. Click on the name of the course for which you want to start a Blackboard Collaborate session.

3. Once inside the course site, click on the Tools button in the course menu OR the Course Tools button in the Control Panel.

4. Click on the Blackboard Collaborate link on the Tools page OR click on the Blackboard Collaborate link in the expanded list of course tools in the Control Panel.

5. Click on the Create Session button.

6. In the Session Information section, you will now enter a Session Title, identify a Session Type, and designate course sites where the Blackboard Collaborate session can be accessed from (by default, it is only accessed from the course site in which you are creating the Blackboard Collaborate session):

Session Title: Enter a name for your session (The default name is the name of the course for which the session is being created--e.g., Chemistry 400).

Session Type: If the Blackboard Collaborate session is only for the users in this particular course site, then select Course. If you would like to make this Blackboard Collaborate session available to the users of your other Blackboard course sites, then select Shared.

Courses: If you have selected Course, then you will only see the current course site in the Selected Courses list. You can move to the next step. If you have selected Shared, then you can move the courses you choose from under the Available Courses column into the Selected Courses column by clicking on the name of the course and then clicking on the > in the middle of the two columns.

7. In the Schedule section, you will now enter a Start Date and Time and End Date and Time for the session (the time must be entered in 15 minute increments).

For Early Session Entry, you can choose to make access possible up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the session.

Optionally, you can schedule repeating sessions.

8. You can choose to leave all Optional Session Attributes at their default values.

9. Click on the Participation tab.

10. Scroll down and fill in the Display Name and Email Address fields and click on the Add button. (Note: after clicking on the Add button, you can enter additional names and email addresses and click on Add one person at a time).

11. Each added name will appear in the Selected Invitees field. Click on the Submit button to schedule the session and send an invitation email to the person(s) listed in the Selected Invitees list.

12. Once submitted, you will see the Success: Session was created successfully confirmation message. The link to the newly created session will be listed on the Sessions tab on the Bb Collaborate List Page.

13. Your invitees will receive an email message with the following information: Session Name, session Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, and the link where to access the Blackboard Collaborate session that they have been invited to.