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In tests where Auto-Submit is enabled, students will be shown their grade, but the instructor will see a Needs Grading icon in the Grade Center

Auto-graded Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 6 assessments/tests behave inconsistently if the following settings are selected on the "Test Options" page.
When a check mark is placed next to "Set Timer" and "Auto-Submit" is turned ON (and if the student chooses to let the system auto-submit the test), the student will be able to see his score at the end of the test's submission if the instructor has chosen to include "Score" as the type of feedback that is displayed upon completion (please note that on item number "5. Test Feedback" on the "Test Options" page, "Score" is selected by the system as a default feedback type to be included), but the instructor will see a "Needs Grading" icon in the Grade Center for this particular assessment.
This means that even though the student already sees a score/grade for the particular assessment that was just auto-submitted, the instructor still will need to go into the Grade Center, click on the Needs Grading icon for the student, and look at the results and submit the results for the assessment results to be included in the Grade Center.

We think that there is an inconsistency in showing the student a grade when the instructor is being shown the "needs grading" status. Our expectation is that either the score should be auto-graded and shown to instructor and student (perhaps with a message that it was auto-submitted) or it should be in needs grading status and the student should not see it until the instructor verifies it (and there should still be a message to both as above...)

We have contacted Blackboard about this issue and it has been verified as a bug and is being worked on.