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Faculty Guides


How do I log in to Blackboard?

What Is New in Blackboard 9?

Blackboard Icons and Terms

Edit Mode On and Off

The Control Panel

Hide or Show Course Sites on Your List

Getting Started with the Course Environment

Course Management

Add a File

Add Multiple Files

Customize Your Course Menu

Hide or Unhide Course Menu

Copy Courses

Copy or Move Single Item Between Course Sites

Import an Archived File

Delete Unneeded or Duplicate Files

Course Content

Getting Started with Course Content

Getting Started with Learning Modules
Getting Started with Video Everywhere

Users Cannot Access Certain Georgetown Library Electronic Resources Off Campus

User Management

Getting Started with Groups

Enroll a User or Multiple Users

Modify a User

Add and Modify a Group

Enable Guest Access

Re-Enroll Dropped Students
Communication Tools

Using Blogs and Journals

Using the Discussion Board

Using VoiceThread in Blackboard

Blackboard Collaborate

I Have Never Used Collaborate Before. What Can I Do To Start a Synchronous Meeting with my Students?

Schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Session

Blackboard Collaborate Quick Reference Guide for Moderators (PDF)

Blackboard Collaborate Quick Reference Guide for Participants (PDF)

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Moderator Tools

Invite Users Via Email When Scheduling a Session

Invite Users Via Email After You Have Scheduled a Session

Play a Blackboard Collaborate Recording

Share a Blackboard Collaborate Recording


Getting Started with Assignments

Add an Assignment

Download an Assignment

Enter Grades for an Assignment

Clear an Attempt


Plagiarism Prevention
Turnitin and SafeAssign


Getting Started with Building a Test

Types of Assessments

Test Question Samples

Create a Test

Make Your Test Available

Grade Tests

Create a Survey

Make Your Survey Available

Using the Pool Manager

Upload Test Questions

View Test and Survey Results
Run Item Analysis on a Test
Download Test and Survey Results

Export Test from Course Site and Import Test into Another Course Site


Grade Center

Getting Started with the Grade Center

Add a Column

Add Grades

Show, Hide, Freeze, and Move Columns

Weighting Grades

Download the Grade Center
Upload to the Grade Center
View or Download Grade Center History
Batch Upload Final Grades to MyAccess

Blackboard Mobile Learn 3.0
Features Generally Available (GA) in Blackboard Mobile Learn 3.0