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FAQs for Instructors

NEW: Copy ShareStream media between Blackboard course sites
What is the Georgetown Media Service?

My course has a Blackboard site. Do I have an active ShareStream account?
How do I request new media for my course?
How can I request media from a past course site?

Can I request that media from my personal collection be put online?

How can I add my own media files to my course?

I have combined my sections into a "C" section. How should I make media available to my students?

How can I add media to a Blackboard Content Area through the ShareStream Mashup Tool?
Can I create a podcast for my course?

How do I access course media through Blackboard?

How do I access course media if my course does not use Blackboard?

Who has access to the media in my course?

How do I add a link to course media in the Blackboard course menu?

What are the system requirements for accessing the Media Service?

How do I download all the media in a collection at once?

Can I play all the audio in a folder with a single click?

I click the play button in the QuickTime player and nothing happens. Why not?

What is the Playlist?

What file formats does ShareStream Media Service support and what are the maximum file sizes?
CEA Profile Descriptions and Application Instructions
CEA tool does not start and results in an error message
SFTP to ShareStream

Is the Media Service available to university centers and organizations?
Internet Explorer 11 Display Issue
I am experiencing playback issues. What can I do?

How can I get more help with the Media Service?
Closed Captioning in ShareStream
Special Characters in File Names in ShareStream