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Instructors can now copy ShareStream media content from one Blackboard course site into another if they have Instructor role in both sites.  
The "copy wizard" will become available to the Instructor ONLY if:

  • The "new/destination" site's ShareStream collection does not have any ShareStream content (uploaded or otherwise)

The general process of copying ShareStream content between Blackboard course sites is the following:  

  • Instructor logs in to Blackboard and accesses the new/destination Blackboard course site (the site which needs media to be copied to and is currently empty)
  • Instructor navigates to ShareStream (in Tools) and is presented with the ShareStream course copy wizard
  • Instructor searches for the source site (from which ShareStream content will be copied), selects site, and clicks Proceed
  • The entire "source" ShareStream collection will be copied to the new site. It is not possible to do a partial copy. After the copy, however, specific assets can be deleted in the destination collection (if there is need)

Log in to Blackboard at using your Georgetown University NetID and NetID Password.

Click on the course where you would like to copy ShareStream content to (the destination/new site).

Click on Tools.

Click on ShareStream MediaManager OR ShareStream Pick-n-Plany (if not present, you can make them Available in Customization > Tool Availability section).


Select the Yes radio button on the course copy wizard asking Would you like to copy ShareStream media assets from another Course to this new Course?

Click on the field Search for Course to copy media assets from. This will reveal the text search field.

In the search field, enter the first three characters of the Course name (OR enter an asterisk, followed by a phrase from the Course name) from where you would like to copy ShareStream media into this course site. As you type, your courses will get listed below the search field.

Select the source course site from the list by clicking on it.


Click on the green Proceed button.

A dialog box will ask you "This will copy all ShareStream media assets from the selected Course. Do you want to proceed? Click OK to confirm.

Once the media copy command gets processed, a new collection is created in your new course site, and the media assets from the old/source course site appear in the new course site.

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